United Nations Volunteering

Step 1: Register yourself (If you do Not  register before):https://www.onlinevolunteering.org/en/vol/register.html

54321See registration process (Helpline): https://www.facebook.com/notes/online-volunteers-ov/how-do-registration-and-work-as-united-nations-online-volunteers-and-details-abo/1475361906030314

Step 2: Go to Opportunity search link:https://www.onlinevolunteering.org/en/vol/opportunity_search/

Step 3: See different task and search which is best fitted with you (See also attach photo)

Step 4: Next see Organization Profile, Task, Objective and requirements. If you think it is best fitted with you and you can do this task with effectively then you apply for the task or opportunity (See also attach photo).

Step 5: In the Application after click Apply button in previous page, you will face some questions like:

a)      Motivation.

b)      Work and Volunteers history.

c)       Skill and qualification.

d)      Language Skills.

e)      Availability.

f)       Additional information.

(See also attach photo)

Please take some time and answer this question with best of knowledge.

Step 6: Ready your CV/ Resume and choose file to locate your file in the pc. It can be PDF or MS Word. But it is good PDF. And Maximum file size will be 5 MB (Megabyte). (See also attach photo)

Step 7: At last revised you application again for final submission. And submit your application. (See also attach photo)

Step 8: Within few minutes you will get a confirmation mail from the organization.

Step 9: Wait for their result whether you accepted or not. If you accepted, they will contact further. If you not, sometime they will inform you or you can think (if it is too late) you application is rejected.

Step 10: Try again with more energy and work for world peace and development.


Online Volunteers

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